What is the Proper work flow for this animation object

Hello all,

  • I am working with Unreal 2.25.4 and 3DS Max 2021
  • I need to have this object bend in all 3 axis (5-20deg) in Unreal and have the drilling head rotate continuously.
  • I like to be able to have the drilling head rotation’s speed controlled in unreal.
  • Do I rig it up in Max few bones up the pipe to control the bend then export that out to unreal.
  • I am using PBR materials, is it better to texture in Max and export to unreal or just texture in unreal Unreal?
  • This object has 30+ pieces when I export and they all come in individually… is the only way to have it come into unreal in sections is by attaching them all in Max?
  • Essentially I am just looking for the Proper Workflow for this project.
    image of what I am working with included

Seem to be a great job for a spline.