What is the current level of support for VR motion controllers (HTC Vive)?

i started getting into VR development w/ the HTC Vive a couple of months ago. I decided to go with Unity because the level of support the Unity community had for Vive development was a couple levels above that of UE4’s at the time. For example, the best publicly available system for picking up objects with a motion controller in UE4 involved parenting the grabbed objects to the controller object. That really wasn’t a very good solution, so i went with Unity, where I could grab objects and keep them in the user’s “hand” by modifying their velocity.

Anyway, my question is does anybody know what the current state of affairs is on this front? Because I would really like to jump back into UE4 for this stuff. Don’t get me wrong, Unity is great and everything, but I miss UE4’s effects and features. The UE4 particle system really is superior to Unity’s, something I’m sure a lot of the people in this community realize.

PS, if you wanna see the stuff I was able to do in Unity, check out my youtube channel:

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I dont really get why parenting the object to the controller is a bad solution. Especially you can attach it to a specific socket on the hand mesh if you need it on different locations.
Modifying the velocity of an object to keep it in a users hand seems a bit…strange.

So, a sample pseudocode flow would be for grab:
if (object.location - hand.location).vector_length <= grab_distance && trigger_pressed { grabbed_object = object; object.simulate_physics = false; attach_to_socket; }

for letting go:
if trigger_released && grabbed_object != none { grabbed_object.simulate_physics = true; detach_from_parent; grabbed_object = none; }

Not sure why this is seen as complicated?


Well, the problem is why are you looking for publicly available solutions? You should be writing your own programming tailored to the specific design you have in mind. For example, I use physics handles for picking up objects instead of attaching them, because that suits my game better.