What is the best way to setup default level values?

Each of my levels will have some default values like gold, lives,…

I want to set it up so that the only things I have to edit for each level are those default values. So that everything that needs those values can access them.

If it was a normal class I could just create a parent class. Or I could make a level info actor and simply place it into the level with the default values, then those that need the info can simply look for that info.

Is there a better way?

Same idea could be represented in different ways, someone better than other. I’m not so advanced and experienced designer, but the first idea than pass by my mind is creating a structure for each level, and the check it the current level to take the convenient structure. Another way, probably more professional is by Data Tables, but could be more complicated to start. I hope it is useful for you start look for content.

Rama did a good tutorial on Overriding the Default Level Class in C++ you could add alot of stuff there and i think you get the best flexibility with not really hard and much c++

Yeah data table is going to be the way to go for sure