What is the best way to make characters/actors/pawns flow through each other ?

I have set up some characters, RTS style. Example: Imgur
How would you go about making them move trough each other ? I don’t mean to ghost trough each other, I mean behaving like a liquid and sort of push each other.
The way i’m testing it now is with each mesh giving each other a little push… it’s sort of working but the movement is super jittery.
Is there a correct/better setup ?

Could try switching their pawn collision to overlap, then on overlap pawn get lookat vector and vinterp away. Stop at end overlap.

That might be too crude so you may need to use a get overlaping actors loop, as that won’t stop until there are 0 overlaps.

I’ve tried that and this is what I came up with:

Not particularly impressive :confused: … It is fine if there are only 2 characters but the system breaks down really quickly.
Do you have some more wisdom to share ?