What is the best way to identify unique Actors using UWorld::OverlapMulti?

I’m using UWorld::OverlapMulti to find Actors within a sphere’s radius so I can apply damage to them. This method is documented to return a result for each component hit, and it looks like I’m getting multiple returns per actor.

I’m trying to find an efficient way to find unique actors in this list, as all I can think of currently is storing them in an array as they get hit and then checking any new hit’s actor for presence in that array.

As it is, I have this:

TArray<FOverlapResult> overlaps;
World->OverlapMulti(overlaps, this->GetActorLocation(), FQuat::Identity, FCollisionShape::MakeSphere(this->DamageRadius), FCollisionQueryParams(), FCollisionObjectQueryParams());

for (int i = 0; i < overlaps.Num(); i++){
	FOverlapResult res = overlaps[i];
	AActor* actor = res.GetActor();
        //Do Things to Actor