What is the best way to handle a big list of variables??

I my little game i have some big list of multilple variables.
It is lists of things like weapons and so on.
The game does not need the full list all the time only small parts of the list.
The biggest list have about 1200 entries of about 20 varibables each.
The game only need about 20 entries at any time, so i was thinking about making the list a file that the game could get the data from, but i am not sure that is the best way.

The game it self is very light, mostly menus, and mostly a test of what i can make, so the speed of the game is not a priority right now, i just want the game to do what i want.

I am thinking of moving the list handeling part to c++ later, but right now i just want to get a prototype of the game up and running.

Is there an good way to handle a list like that…?

I would describe my take and we would discuss is that efficient enough for you.

I have an actor class, basic spell. Each new version of this class is a child of basic one. This spell class get his variables from datatable which build of this structure. Each row name is enumerator + integer(which represents level) - so datatable looks like that.
and function which return data table row for any given ability looks like that and every ability know his power level and enumerator “ability type” - so i can get it from ability itself, looks like that..
thats all, i have planes to slightly rework basic datatable structure to be able dynamically add and remove some stats without renaming basic collums, since some abilities dont need the “damage” but should “heal” and when i use the damage collum as heal in actual code, it make little bit counter intuitive, and a LOT worse if i deal with stuff like duration, effect value per tick, tick delay, etc.


I was late into object oriented programming, so have some problems seeing the object oriented way to do things at times.
I understand how to do it now.

I found an other way to do things, making the number of objects much lower.
I was looking at the list as whole, not seeing how it could split the giant list into multiple, far smaller, lists that could be combined in different was to make those 1200, or any of them as needed, without having a giant list.

Well, sometimes i am blind to the simple things. :frowning:

The game is a UMG game, a manager type game. So, lots of data, not much of anything else.

Anyway, thanks for your help. :slight_smile: