What is the best Inventory Example

Hey Guys, I’m trying to build a blueprint RPG style inventory system with equitable items. So far, all the examples I’ve found require lots of copy and paste for each slot in the inventory. Does anyone know of either a blueprint tutorial or source that demonstrates an easier way? Or is this something that is best done in C++? If C++ is the best route does anyone know of any good examples I could learn from?
Thanks for your help!

Here is what I found so far

That tutorial is a semi decent start if you want a replicated inventory system though he updates constantly throughout and it takes 3-4 times through to get it. His system was based on my original system but lately a new one appeared and though I haven’t tested it seems like it could fit what you want. I would check out Free Inventory System - Backend - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums for a sample you can download and try out.

also a quick search on the forums for inventory should yield many results.

Thanks for the link, I found it earlier but because I’m so new to UE4 I wasn’t able to fully implement it based on the directions.

Check out my system its fully dynamic

Lol he posted my system:) if you have questions dont hesitate to ask iam trying to constantly improove my script, also iam working on the c++ implementation of that thing

Yeah I generally try to promote your system @ruohki until I’m able to get my system up and working. I haven’t actually used yours even though I’ve downloaded it but it seems to get really good reviews.

Thanks for the help, let me see if I can install it.

You know what would really help is if you had a scene with it already installed and running so newbies like me could figure out how to set it up. Also is there a c++ version that I could look at? I know c++ but Im new to unreal. Also i really appreciate how nice and supportive you guys are.

There is no C++ version right now, but iam working on that one. I thought id provided everything one would need to set up the thing. Did you see the example with the UMG integration?

problem is ruohki theres no actual set up tutorial so people new to blueprint will look at it and go ok what do i do with this. which makes it hard to use for new users. best thing to do is write up a small tutorial going over the steps on how to install and use or even a vid would work to save your self the time of typing. its cool you gave out a free system but if you plan to sell a more complete version with extra stuff on the marketplace it wont sell with new users since they cant even use the free version. thats just my take on it cause i did the same thing i downloaded it tried to figure it out with the info you gave but couldnt get it to work correctly at all. seems to be a nice system but for me if i cant get the free version working i wont be buying the full version you plan to release on marketplace. sorry if i sounded mean thats not my intention.

Hmm gotta put up a whole example project then :wink:

cool ill be looking forward to it !

Epic just uploaded this series

Thanks for the share, it should be interesting to see how Epic does their system vs how others have made theirs

yeah thanks for the share

I dont want to talk bad about this script but. He uses actor references as actual items wich is well not really resource friendly on a larger scale :smiley:

Isn’t this necessary if you want items to have item usage animations with a specific item model?

To be fair, the script he wrote was just a basic script. he even said in his tutorial there are probably better ways to do things.

this script is self is very versatile which allows things for instance say you dont want to have a separate system for armor or weps you can use all the same system with out the need to build a whole new system its basic yes but it allows for more then just 1 type of thing . being able to do things like attaching armor in script allows for more usage for me anyways than the normal method seeing how i use multiple skeletal meshes for armor rather than socketing them i use a more modular system which just adds it to a master pose component to allow it to animate with my character so this set up is a god send for me .

I went through the first 5 videos of the EPic Tutorial last night and even if you don’t use their inventory system … you should definitely go through the series if you are new to UE4. I learnt so much last night by playing with and not having to listen to all the theory.

Thanks Epic … I will show the fruits of my labor later next week when I have finished the tutorials and tweaked a few things. 8-}

I didnt say its bad nor its not worth to watch. :smiley: