What is Network Replication in terms of Assets


I did a forum and google search and just having a hard time understanding this. For example, when an asset says Network Replication: No. What exactly does that mean?

Thanks for answering this noobs question but I got tired of searching for an answer.

Its a clue as to whether a pack is Multiplayer ready or not. It mostly relates to Blueprints / Plugins as opposed to simple Art assets. Think Inventory or Combat systems or Character / Anims (like special-movement / custom gravity etc). Its helpful to know even if your game is single-player, as it can be a useful indicator about how capable a pack is or how technical the creator is, or even how interested they are in sticking around to support it. So its better to see all packs marked ‘Multiplayer’ or ‘Network-Replication:Yes’ by default… Especially the more expensive the pack is;)… Overall, UE could use a jargon buster. But when you’re Epic or valued north of 20 billion after 5 years from one game, then there’s no one around to help anymore. They’re probably a little busy out buying Lambos :p…

Haha. Appreciate the clarification Entrprise!