What is LOD Material Collision for?

I can’t seem to find any documentation on this particular setting. In the LOD settings for a mesh it lists the materials and there’s an option to Enable or Disable collision for each material. Appears to be on by default. The tooltip stays:

“Controls whether this section ever has per-poly collision. Disabling this where possible will reduce memory usage for this mesh.”

Looking to optimize my project and I’m wondering if this is a possible area to target? Why would a material have collision? Does turning it off negatively affect gameplay collision in some way or is it safe to toggle off?

I’m curious about what exactly this does and the conditions in which one would turn it on or off. I tested it out on a mesh and it didn’t appear to affect the player based collision at all but I don’t want to go toggling it off on all the meshes in my project before I fully understand what exactly it’s doing.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile: