What is better blueprints or c++

What is the difference between blueprints and c++ and does it heavily affect my project ?

Really it all depends on you. Basically blueprint is just a visual programming tool. Instead of hard writing code line by line you use nodes with specific functions connected in sequence to give your game functionality. Some things can only be achieved through c++ code. However blueprint is very powerful and worth looking into. You can also write code that is blueprint editable.

Can you please give me examples of things that can only be achieved using c++

Blueprint is designed to be scripting system and be easy to use even for artists that don’t do much programming, it also more plesent to work with compered to C++ where sometimes you need to restart editor. 2 major downsides of blueprints is 10 times slower then native code (thats why it is not recommended to have have blueprint on tick event) and that no all engine functions and features are accessible to it (but enough to make some game out of it).

I doing things that way, make base classes out of C++ and extend them in blueprints, so artists can work with them

I am still at the beginning so would it handle simple games or i have to learn c++ i still have time i am planning to be good at game programming at the next 2 years
what u suggest i do?

Hey saad411. Sorry for the delayed response, been super busy catching up on work after the megajam. Anyways so pretty much anything can be achieved in blueprint as far as gameplay elements go. Where blueprint fails is when you want to extend the actual engine code APIs. Application Programming Interface. So welcome to game programming =)
I suggest learning blueprint first. You can pick it up quick, get things going. watch all the youtube tutorials unreal offers on " Getting started with blueprint" and if you still want to learn a little code they have a tutorial on c++ thats fun to do. Hope that helps you on your way. And remember to have FUN!

If you have 0 idea about programing i think blueprint would be better choose to learn first

Ok Eye and
Thanks for repling