What is better: 1 Mesh (x2) for 2 map, or 2 mesh for 2 maps?- Reducing packaging

Hi! I am working on a scene that I want to divide in two maps: exterior and interior. The question is about a wall for example.
What is better: to load 1 mesh (the wall) and then put it (the same mesh) on the 2 maps, or load 2 mesh (interior and exterior wall) each one for each map. Imagine this situation for a entire building.
I’m focusing on reducing my package for Android and I don’t know what method is better on UE4.

I’m not sure why you would have the exterior in a level that only needs the interior, having unnecessary objects in the scene will only slow things down and make your map larger.

I have a map where you can rotate the camera around the building with 3D trees and some meshes for exterior and without the interior meshes… and then, the second map is for the interior building. I think is better to have 2 maps for this, that only one with all meshes.

If you wanted you could always put them into the same scene instead of loading between them, if you get OK performance that way. Would slightly save the package size since it would only have one map file instead of 2

Maybe it would be a good solution for the package size, but for gaming? I want to say, If I make 1 level for interior and exterior, it will load a level with the exteriors meshes that I won’t use when I was playing in the interior building for example. I am looking for a optimization game, with good perfomance and small package size, and I have that doubt.

You can have it hide things that aren’t visible, plus if the geometry isn’t that complex then it’s not going to have much impact anyway.

Thank you four your answers:) I will try to work with only 1 level. :wink: