What is a proper mesh collision when using Timeline?

I created a blueprint from mesh (box) with collison (block all). In that blueprint I have a Timeline, to move that actor in Y direction. When box is spawned, it do not affect other object with collision. Just simply move behind walls etc. Is there a way for prevent that?

I want do that, becouse sometimes (from random) that box spawning on another actor (same blueprint). Im trying to use “spawn even with colliding - OFF” from [SpawnActor] to prevent that action, but it seems not work. Actors (box blueprints) still spawning even if another actor (box blueprint) is still there.

When I’m playing from editor, after using show collision console command it draws box collision on that actor correctly so it looks like collision is enabled for it.

Or maybe I cannot get collision working when actor is affected by Timeline action?



How are you telling the Actor to move, through Set Actor Transform or Set Actor Location? One thing you could try, and there might be other ways of solving it too, is to set an OnActorBeginOverlap event for the Mesh that’s moving. Connect the Overlap Event to a Stop Timeline node which points to your timeline, when overlapping anything it should stop your timeline and thus stop it’s movement.

Give that a shot, hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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