What hooks up inputs to movements in the Blank template?

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As part of trying to learn UE, I’m trying to figure something out. When you create a new project using just the blank template and then run it, there are already keyboard, mouse and gamepad inputs hooked up to moving/looking around. Where is that actually located? I can’t find a blueprint with that actual code. Say I wanted to tweak some of it, where would I go? Or if I wanted to override just part of it (like have the thumbstick controlling the camera work different somehow), where could I drop in my control to change it? I’ve played with creating my own game mode/controller and still can’t quite figure it out.


Look in Project Settings → Input… The defined names in there can be called directly from within any Blueprint. However, you can also just bind inputs directly without ever defining them in Project Settings. This makes it easier for prototyping. But its one of the messier bits of UE4 imho, as there’s no easy way to see (or audit) all the inputs in one place. So if you migrate a Blueprint to another project for example, a mix of defined inputs and direct bindings may mean things get broken quickly…

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Yes, I am familiar with hooking up inputs. I have worked on some other learning projects where I did that and learned how to hook up blueprints to the mappings I created. However, the blank template has no mappings in the project. And I haven’t been able to find a single blueprint that actually directly traps the mouse/keyboard/gamepad. I feel like I must just be missing one. Or is it just hardcoded into the engine? It seems odd that a “blank template” would even include that.

Do you mean the spectator camera when you click Play on a blank template?

If so, look closely in the World-Outliner pane to the right, and you’ll see UE4 is adding some default object types like Default-Pawn etc. That’s because the default GameMode brings with it some default actors which you can override later (see Maps & Modes in Project Settings). Try clicking on the Default-Pawn actor in the World-Outliner and change Max Speed to 10 in the Floating-Pawn-Movement section, and you’ll see you’re controlling that newly added Pawn…

That’s VERY helpful. So it’s building a pawn for me since I didn’t give it one, and that pawn has default controls. So if I create my own pawn with blank blueprints, I should be at a “no controls that I haven’t added state”? Definitely going to give that a try tomorrow. Thanks, again.


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