What happens to actors when resetlevel is called?


I can’t seem to find what happens to actors when resetlevel of GameModeBase is called.

I know that an actor’s K2_OnReset() gets called. But, I can’t seem to find what this event connects to. It definitely does not restore the actors to the state when level was loaded.

Appreciate any leads! Cheers!

I’ve looked into the source code, and to my surprise, I didn’t find anything specific either. I can see that GameModeBase::ResetLevel is the starting point, calling Reset() on almost all actors, but that function only calls the K2_OnReset() event and nothing else. Could it be some macro magic?

Yup, looks like a macro thing, as in K2_OnReset() is a BlueprintImplementableEvent, so since I can’t find any implementation of it in source code, I’m assuming it’s implemented in blueprint, which is a bit sad as a c++ developer :confused:

@bo0olean Nothing is implemented in blueprint. K2_OnReset() is just a function that will look like an “event” (the red boxes) in blueprint.

Aah, then this is a mystery :slight_smile: I know for sure that there must be some logic implemented somewhere, just can’t seem to find that :confused: