What flags to set to prevent DDC from caching certain rendered assets?

I have some temporary assets being created and destroyed and my DDC is filling up with the cached assets and not clearing out after they are destroyed.

What is the best way to prevent caching of them or to force them to be deleted from the cache?

Also is it possible to list the reference paths of all items currently in the DDC?

Can’t find any info on this.

I see there exists FMemoryDerivedDataBackend, Is it possible to use an in memory DDC for caching generated rendered data in the editor?

I’m trying to prevent any files being created on disk for these temporary assets, but even packages marked transient still seem to generate ddc data and it doesn’t seem to be getting cleaned up either. If there is a way to do this without having to manually assign object/package flags on every texture and material, that would be great.

From my understanding of the DDC, there is no central database that maps assets or UObjects to the DDC data, the only way to find what references a piece of generated DDC data is by using the generated hash or guid stored in the object that requested to cache the data. Is this correct?