What exactly is CanBeCharacterBase ?

So, in an example, there is:

CapsuleComponent->CanBeCharacterBase = ECB_No;
    CapsuleComponent->bShouldUpdatePhysicsVolume = true;
    CapsuleComponent->bCheckAsyncSceneOnMove = false;
    RootComponent = CapsuleComponent;

CapsuleComponent is a primitive by the way. So, in the first line it clearly says that i can’t be a character base, yet RootComponent(which in the given context belongs to a Character) is made equal to CapsuleComponent. Doesn’t that in a way make CapsuleComponent the root(so the base) of the Character?

I believe this means that a Character can’t stand on that component. The term ‘base’ here means ‘stands on’ not ‘attached to’.

that makes sense, however the name they chose for the variable is a little abstract. Anyway, thank your for the answer, i really was in fog until you answered.