What does the price of the CV1 mean for VR content?

I’ve seen some people worry that the price point will hurt adoption, but I think there’s a flipside: it seems like this could actually open up the market for high quality, premium VR content even further. What are your thoughts?

I was hoping for (not quite) mass adoption, at least, a device which most all of “gamers” and tech enthusiasts would purchase. Perhaps the CV2. As far as content goes, I have no idea. At least it gives me more time to work on my MMO, and perhaps see some profit with my “make game to finance other game” project.

They could have a chance if console manufactures were to use facebook’s thingy; but those are not, they make their own instead so… bye bye mainstream.

high quality content need work, time and its expensive, if you do a exclusive VR game with high quality for few thousands of users there is no way for do that profitable, except its something that all want. and that never happens. And what prices you must sell it?

No market this year for RV and with that prices i doubt the next year. Something good like Eve Valkyrie would be a fiasco if they not “sell it” with the pre-order to all costumers.