What does the following r.MobileHDR mean?

When I create a new blank project with the following settings, I get the following error which I would like to know what it means?

Blueprint: blank
scalable 3d or 2D
No starter content

LogInit:Warning: CVar named ‘r.MobileHDR’ marked up in RendererSettings was not found or is set to read-only.

While I am at it, I also notice this warning:
LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to find object ‘Class None.’

I’m also having exact same problem as yours.
Please help! I need the answer urgently as I have to submit my project tomorrow.

Hi Haskellf,

r.MobileHDR is a console command that translates to “resolution.High Dynamic Range” for use with newer Mobile Devices. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is reportedly the first available device to feature Mobile HDR.’

I was unable to reproduce this upon opening a blank Blueprint Template, mobile/tablet scalable 3d or 2D No starter content…

When are you seeing these warnings? If it’s upon packaging, be sure to include that in the description of the issue. Make sure you do not have anything set in Project Settings>Rendering:

The second Warning is a bug. You can track the source of the bug here: [UE-5528][2]

Warnings do not prevent a package build, however, errors do.

If you are experiencing a build failing, please post the entire log as a text file and add as an attachment.