What does stat RHI trianglesDrawn show?


I’ve been trying to find a way to get how many triangles are being rendered in a scene, and it seems I’m supposed to use stat RHI for that, where there is a “Triangles Drawn”. However, this part baffles me a little. (I’m using Unreal Engine 5)

I have several models in the scene which were created by an amateur (it’s on purpose) so for example, a chair has up to 80k triangles (No LODS) and these chairs have been duplicated several times. Yet the “Triangle drawn” number goes up to only 10k-15k. If I were to count all the triangles (without any sort of optimization) the number would be around 500k+ triangles. Even after duplicating the chairs 10x, the number doesn’t really change. Is this correct or is there something wrong?