What does "-bs/-borderStyle flag is obsolete" error mean?

I’m receiving this error every time I launch A.R.T. using Maya 2016.

Warning: The -bs/-borderStyle flag is obsolete and should not be used.

What does this error mean?

Hi Vagabondering,

A user on our has posted the following information regarding this:

“Borderstyle is a property of frameLayout(and I think a few others like formLayout, etc.). It will be removed in the next version. Autodesk usually does this so people’s User Interfaces’ do not stop working and this gives them a year to adjust their changes. Whenever Version 2 is released, it won’t be based on Autodesk’s ever changing UI specifications. This doesn’t matter for now.”

So, regarding A.R.T., you can disregard this message. If you are having other difficulties preventing you from using the tool, let us know.


Original post: https://.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?2447-Animation-and-Rigging-Tools-FAQ-Known-Issues-and-Feature-Roadmap&p=283364&viewfull=1#post283364

Thanks for this info!