What do you like that three kind of VR headset?

First: VR Headset / VR Helmet
Immersive head-mounted device (HMD), which must be connected to the computer, Oclulus Rift is the representative. The advantage is the good immersive experience. But because it is a wired device, its limited moving range is an obstacle. So it is particularly suitable for the applications without moving your feet. The equipment itself is expensive,therefore they are mostly applied to the field “to B”, and currently the application of the device are mostly used for short-time experience, it is ideal for business activity or exhibition display.

Second:3D VR display .
Its design combines the lightweight and performance, but the price is higher. 3D VR display design philosophy is to allow users to fully get rid of the shackles of external devices, built-in processor, memory, display can meet hardware demands of the vast majority of games and movies, completely unrestricted from space and other devices (PC, phone).
VR all in one is immature at present ,but user immersion is better, It is expected to become the mainstream in the future after the formation of the consumer market.

You can watch video about 2016 RIO OLYMPICS by VR headset.:smiley:
vr sports.png

Third : VR glasses.
It is head-mounted Mobile VR, need to be worked with mobile phone. Typical products have “Google Cardboard,Gear VR and Baofeng Mojing”. VR glasses are not as good experience as PC headset equipment, but along with the rapid development of smart phone performance, mobile development environment is very mature and active, the cost of VR glasses is relatively low, So it has certain superiority in the price. Due to low cost, easy carrying,and the familiar process of development applications to mobile games developers, it is observed that Mobile VR has been became an irresistible trend. VR glasses will become the mainstream of the VR head-mounted devices in the current technical conditions. (蓝色是优点)

What do you like that three kind of VR headset?