What do you guys think

I’m really new to modelling in Maya and I know I’m far from perfect but i was following a sword tutorial and i kind of went offtrack and designed my own, it isn’t textured yet and is an odd shape but i believe it could belong somewhere aha

I won’t bullsh*t you- that’s about 5 minutes after learning how to make a box in Maya.

I applaud you for trying to learn new things, it’s always difficult. I think if you tackle texturing next and moved onto another challenge after you will make great strides.

Modelling in general (in a high-end modelling program, ie: Maya, Max, etc… Not some pipsqueak of a modelling program such as Bryce/Vue/Poser)? Good start. I would make the hilt a bit longer though :slight_smile:

I could never really get into Maya myself, I just don’t like the UI :\ Wish it was more like Max’s UI. With that in mind, it should be possible (it is in Max) to set a viewport background to an image of a weapon, and then box model using a reference image. This will get you along in the next set of how-to’s, once you get the general shape you want, to use modifiers (extrude, bevel, inset, slice) on the geometry and then using vertices and lines to get a more accurate shape of what you want.

Okay thanks, this was the first actual thing I’ve really worked on but i didn’t spend to much time on it but i want to keep learning :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback

Maya was the first thing i tried and i tried blender but i didn’t like the UI. I have never worked in max :slight_smile:

That’s actually good! Fast iteration prototyping is a good way to enhance memorization skills with these types of programs, in my personal experience. Once it becomes second nature, then moving onto more complex stuff and redoing the training is a good approach. Start small, then grow into it. Don’t try to make a super-high end photorealistic model of something if you’re just starting out (even if it’s a new program and your a 120 year veteran at 3d modelling). It leads to stress, which gives me migraines and makes me uninstall.

PS: I think I have uninstalled Maya about 5 times already, lol.

PSS: Blender, from what I hear, is actually on par with Max… as far as modelling goes. Max beats it hands down when it comes to all the extra stuff though (simulations, rendering)

Well for now I’m going to be sticking with Maya :slight_smile: was thinking of taking the courses on digital tutors as there is meant to be good courses on there