what do you expect from 20$ asset from marketplace ?

i never sell asset beyond 10$.

so i want to know community expectation of expensive asset.

I don’t know if $20 qualifies as expensive for some, compared to some of the other higher tier prices out there. But me as a buyer, my expectations wouldn’t be any different from any other price tier. When I buy products on the marketplace, I inspect the screenshots and/or video if available, check to see if the seller engages with customers, and read a few reviews before making the purchase. I’ve yet to find something I’ve found to be outrageously priced on the marketplace, and I’ve bought content in the $100-150 range before. I suppose if I had to say one thing that might put me off from a higher priced purchase it’d be a lack of engagement from the seller. But that’d only be for certain categories too, I personally wouldn’t need that for art but if I’d have a question about a blueprint product that’d be essential to be able to make contact and answer a few questions before making the purchase. =)

For me, a $20 asset is likely going to make its way into my project as a placeholder pawn that I needed cheap until I get around to either creating or hiring someone to create for me the asset that fits into the world I’ve created.

All I care about is that what is promoted is what you actually get.

I won’t name them, but some products look really nice in the store, then when I start experimenting with them they have features that were clearly slapped together just to look good for the sale but actually have little to no use in game. That’s about it, don’t try to make something look good that’s actually half done and serves no purpose at a production level. Shady subversion of expectations is likely to get a few sales then hurt your reputation forever, so don’t do that.

Conversely I’ve bought packs that had features not even mentioned that I would have bought it for individually.I think there should higher mandatory minimums in terms of demo content so we actually see what we’re getting more thoroughly.

Price should always reflect for the customer how much time he will save in the development when using that asset, therefore the asset if even cheap is actually to bring a lot of rework, then it will not work the purchase… it is all a balance… purchase this or develop in house… how much I save when purchasing while still need to rework… etc

thanks for insight.