What do you do for Anti Aliasing

Carmacks post the other day led me to take another look at my project and see what I could do for AA there.

I currently have a bit too much shimmering, both from geometry edges and from bright reflection highlights.
I’m using FXAA and hmd sp 130 currently.

I would love to be able to get this looking smoother to get a more solid feeling scene.

I did try Temporal AA but I just can’t stand it, it makes everything looking super mushy and also it adds 1ms to the rendering for the pleasure. (over FXAA)

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions other than to super sample more (not feasible)?

I saw someone posted an alternative AA method to the forums the other day but I don’t think I have to time right now to get into c++ code as that part is not my strong side. Has anyone tried this out yet?


To reduce shimmering, did you try (or are you already) compositing your normal maps onto your roughness maps?
It really helps a lot. Of course, that is only useful if you are using detail normal and roughness maps. AA is still a problem that needs to be tackled. Hopefully once the forward renderer arrives we’ll be able to use MSAA.

Thanks for the tip! That was actually exactly what I am doing right now. Baking cavity and curvature maps, mucking around with filters and levels on them and then modifying my roughness map with the resulting textures.
It definitely improves things.