What do I to know to recreate a rig compatible with the UE4 marketplace from scratch?

I’m just starting to learn how to rig a biped character on Blender. But I want it to be compatible with animations I might get from the UE4 marketplace. On the marketplace submission guidelines page there’s a link to a template .fbx file to base my rig on. But as shown in this issue, the Epic Skeleton Template.FBX doesn’t work on Blender. So I’d figure I’d build my own from scratch.

What do I need to know to make sure my rig is is compatible with the marketplace and how do I double-check if it’s really compatible? From reading the what I gather reading the submissions guidelines, I’d need to build the bones’ hierarchy and name them properly, this part I think I can manage since they do import correctly into Blender. But then the guidelines also say I need to make sure the rotations and positions are correct. Since I cannot import the rotation and position in Blender, I’m not sure how each bone should be rotated and how where each axis should be pointed. I also am not sure if there’s any appropriate configuration for the IK-control bones. Also, there’s probably more than these that I’m missing. What else do I need to know to make sure my rig is compatible?

ok i haven’t touched this in recent months but i have been following whats going on,
1st. use blender 2.72 which was released a few days ago , this imports the herotpp fine though the bones are really small
2nd. have a look at this thread , DyotoOrion has done some work on the rigs and shows how he did it, so you might have to do some work on the rig to look “normal” in blender

Yeah. I find that the last build of 2.71 works fine as well, I have no idea why 2.72 is the golden calf but whatever works. The issue is your skeleton HAS to be compatible with the Epic skeleton or they won’t allow it (supposedly, though I think I’ve seen some complaints about submissions not actually working). SO use that skeleton if you want to be safe. Also the rules state that you have to have at least 5 in your pack assets as well (some submissions seem to have fewer but apparently the same asset with different materials counts as a separate asset).