What do I have to do to get a proper reply from the Marketplace Team?

**We created a few Prop packs for the marketplace and submitted them 11 days ago.

We got the same copy / paste letter 2 days later for all our packs:**


**Since the specifics had nothing in common with our content we replied to this letter as following:
"Dear Unreal Team,

Could you please enlighten us with some details on your feedback?

You posted following concerns about our submissions:

• Submission lacking in quality.
• Textures are below quality standard.
• Submission is lacking in overall value.
• Does not follow marketplace guidelines.

It feels a bit strange to get the same copy/paste letter on 4 different submitted items which all are self made and took months to complete.

It is also strange that sets like these are valid submissions and do not lack of the mentioned content while our work doesn’t meet the requirements:

How can well detailed objects up to 100k Tris be lacking of quality?
How can it be that our textures lack of quality while all are self made and come up to 2048x2048 while other people can publish items with 256x256 textures?
How is it possible that props which can’t be found on the marketplace are considered as “lacking in overall value” while they would really add variety to the marketplace?
Could you please point out which part of our packs did not followed the marketplace guidelines and in what form?"

**We received only an automated mail that our letter has been received by the Marketplace Team.
After a few days I asked the team to update us. We are now waiting for more than 11 days without getting a valid explanation from the Marketplace Team.

Is this standard procedure here or is this a closed market for chumps and outsiders are not welcome???**

At first you’re not allowed to quote private correspondence. A moderator might delete that part of your post pretty quickly.

I agree that the information the marketplace team gives when rejecting submissions isn’t helpful but I don’t know how many submissions they have to deal with daily. So giving detailed information for each submission is probably a little time consuming.

Beside that, how about showing your submission and getting input from helpful artists on what you could improve instead of pointing at other packs and saying these are bad?

Someone spends a week, a month or more, of their precious time to create something to contribute to the UE4 Marketplace. While I know a few people have to deal with a lot of submissions, I disagree with the mindset of forwarding a generic pre-written rejection text that gives the creator zero room to improve their work and very politely ignores all the time and effort they’ve spent on the work so far. It’s a solid disrespect to reject someone’s work and not accurately outline why it’s rejected and the amount of daily submissions is not an excuse for that. Many creators stop contributing any work and find it a waste of time to continue.

The back and fourth between the creator and the person responding the ticket takes longer than simply describing the rejection reason in the first place by writing them a line or two. And it flattens the way for the creator to improve/fix the issue quickly and resubmit. On top of that, they learn from that and with their next package they don’t repeat the same mistakes and stay motivated to contribute more work.

Why the rejection template we’ve all seen so many times is considered private information that shouldn’t be posted in public I do not know. But I know a lot of energy is spent on editing such posts, messaging, creating a new ticket and starting a new conversation with the content creator. The energy that could be spent only once on finding a solution to prevent this from happening in the first place. That’d be more constructive.

Edit: Another important issue I want to mention. “Lacking overall value” is a separate issue by itself. Sometimes after the creator investigates the issue to find out what the rejection reason was they don’t get a more specific reply but they get a reply somehow like “It just doesn’t have enough value compared to other similar packages”, which is completely personal opinion of the person reviewing and can be proven wrong when actually comparing it to other existing products of similar type on the marketplace. Interesting issue is a package that gets the “lacking overall value” from a reviewer, might actually pass the review if it falls on another reviewer as every reviewer has their own taste of value.

I don’t want to point fingers at anyone on either side but for the sake of proving my point we have this package on the market for $25, and very well deserved to pass the review:

Then we have this for $70, which for me is a 2 hours job entirely and is maybe 80% lower quality when comparing to every other package of the rock category.

So you do see sometimes the Approved/Rejected reply we get, depends on nothing but the reviewer’s taste of value and that means there is no order when it comes to rejecting a product for lack of value.

They reserve the rights to reject submissions…

I’m with MaxDev on this.

and sadly

This feels true as well.

They did the same thing when I released my Tiltbrush Material Package. :d Which sucked. Im hoping this time theyll accept my TwitchPlugin :X but well have to see. I agree with MaxDev as well. @.@ Seems no logic or reasoning behind the "Decline" of them accepting our stuff. But Ive seen some pretty horrid projects, materials, and even purchased some things that are just downright retarded. but you know. Its in the eye of the beholder isnt it?

Hi Donewell,

I have edited the post and redacted our email to you, as this violates our Rules andCode of Conduct, specifically:

[04] Keep private information private. All moderator disputes should happen in private message. Public discussion of moderator actions or decisions, private correspondence with an Epic Employee or Epic Representative, Epic Employee contact information, or other personally identifiable information of other members or Epic representatives is not allowed. Posting the personally identifiable information of another user or staff member, including but not limited to their real name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or links to personal websites or social networks, without the express consent of that user is not allowed.

We do not give out public information about specific packs or submissions. You could post requesting community feedback for your packs on the forums, and check the submissions guidelines to ensure that your packs follow the guidelines.


The Marketplace Team

Or… perhaps write a proper reply and explain what could be improved/adjusted to make sure the package follows the guidelines.
Because even a lot of the more experienced marketplace sellers (and occasional AAA-quality artists) are left totally in the dark when it comes to these generic email replies.

Additionally, you know that the current guidelines will be replaced soon… so pointing at something that might be outdated soon is not the best solution.

I’m with Luos on this one, the author clearly asked for more information on the matter. “Asking the community” or “reading the guidelines” are both not answers that aid the author into fixing/improving their pack. I hear a lot packages get turned down without clear reason, always with the same reasons. We can’t expect you to detail every mistake but it’s not that much of an effort to say “Your textures are not PBR”, “The textures are low quality” rather than copy pasting a pre-defined text.

Hi Luos,

You are correct on the guidelines. I posted the wrong link. Here is the updated link to the Marketplace Support page, which contains the updated submission guidelines:

Does that mean we’re still gonna get:

• Submission lacking in quality.
• Textures are below quality standard.
• Submission is lacking in overall value.
• Does not follow marketplace guidelines.

As the issues brought fourth to us by the review team?

I completely agree, its not helpful for anyone to receive a reply from Epic that has no information in it. The simple fact that we might have twice the things on the marketplace we have now if Epic wouldn’t scare off new sellers with such behavior is, well, very sad.

I’ll be the first to defend Epic, lol. Could you show us what your content is so we don’t blame Epic for something none of us actually seen? And you say, and I quote “How can well detailed objects up to 100k Tris be lacking of quality?” Is that maybe the problem? 100,000 tri’s? Is that REALLY needed? If I placed 10 in my scene, by my games “wiggle room for more assets”, I could place those 10 and I am tapped out for poly budget, not to mention the textures that also have to be drawn on a 100,000 tri mesh. Is said mesh small or big? Also could be your issue. It’s a sales pitch to Epic, not a “get my stuff on there because I and others think it looks great!”.

Also, is your mesh for ArchViz, games, production?! Not specifying could hurt your chances. If a 100,000 poly mesh is for “games”, Epic may be laughing at you behind a screen (probably not though).

Show us your content so I can also defend you :slight_smile:

Dear Adam,

Do you really consider a copy / paste letter which you send to all rejections as private information?
I really don’t understand why it is that I ask your Team via email for details and get ignored for more than 12 days now.
Also I disagree with the removal of my post content since you claim that I posted private information which I did not since I only posted the message of the mail without any hints about the person who sent it to me?

Are you people able to make valid judgements or at least read the posted content before you slap your copy / paste answers or shall we give up talking to you?

you know what… Donewell, hit me a dm or anything and we can get on a hangout or whatever and see what might be the reason for declining because getting anything out of them will result in another person not wanting to ever publish on the marketplace again.

Granted though, you will have to agree with me that if your content is extremely sub-par I am allowed to mention that here.
I am all for helping a fellow marketplace seller, and I dont mind spending an hour or so trying to find the cause of your declination, but if it does result in obvious “my first crate model” stuff, it would be rather obvious you’d get an automated response.

Since some of you asked for pictures and details about our submissions here you go:

First was a FREE camping asset pack:

High quality set which contains 9 camping tents, 5 camping stools, 4 sleepingbags (packed version also), cooking equipment and fireplaces with animated textures, wood piles, wood logs, small stones, various foods.

PBR: Yes
Realistic props scale: Yes
Vertex Count: 1462 to 66396
LODs: 2-4
Textures quality: HD
Number of Blueprints: 7
Number of Meshes: 43
Numbers of Materials: 44
Number of Textures: 85
Intented Platforms: Desktop / Mobile
Tested Platforms: Desktop

Please compare the set with this:
which is a valid UE Marketplace submission and judge for yourself!
The best part about our pack is that it was meant to be free for all people out there creating survival games…

The next was an Arcade Set with animated screens and sounds attached.

Here is a showcase video for it: TCA Arcade Set for Unreal Engine - YouTube

PBR: Yes
Realistic props scale: Yes
Vertex Count: Arcade 6850 Tris, Airhockey 3766, Pooltable 2894.
LODs: 3
Textures quality: HD
Number of Blueprints: 10
Number of Meshes: 36
Numbers of Materials: 95
Number of Textures: 184
Number of Sound Fx: 6
Intented Platforms: Desktop / Mobile
Tested Platforms: Desktop

We also submitted an Industrial Machine set (none are currently existing on the marketplace) and a Construction Crane (which comes up to 100k Tris but is optimized for UE4 and does not make your project lag like hell).

So all 4 packs got rejected with the same answer from the Marketplace Team.

Hi Rallii,

The reason for having 100k Tris is simple. We are talking about a life size Construction Crane. OFC the crane is optimized and has 4 LODs



Thank you Luos you are acting like a person who knows how to support people at the marketplace too bad they don’t have people with your attitude :smiley:
we already abandoned our goal to publish our works here on the marketplace. You will be able to find our assets optimized for UE4 on Turbosquid soon.

Yes exactly my issue.
I did not offend anyone just asked for details about their feedback since it seemed to have nothing in common with our submitted packages and instead of getting a response I got ignored completely…
They just simply said “we dont need your work here since it is ****”

I would like to know how someone can judge the quality of our works within 1 minute by looking at 5 screenshots (which have to be ****** quality since the site wont let you upload screenshots larger than 1Mbyte :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes thats right,

The Guidlines do not give any information about the concerns posted by the Marketplace Team the same goes for asking other Authors…