What Determines a Material's Color When Unlit

Hi, I have a character with separate materials for Arms, Legs, Body, and Head.
When scene is set to “Unlit”, the head material appears a darker shade, and I’m wondering if it is generally known what this might represent.
Because when set to “Lit”, it all looks good, the same brightness levels. And then if I even-out the colors so the brightness levels match in Unlit, they are then imbalanced brightness-wise when Lit.

So why “Unlit” assigns the head a darker shade seems interesting. :rolleyes:

Unlit View has specularity in it so maybe your character has different roughness or specular values.
when you need to match colors between different objects make sure you double check all other relevant buffers, not just Lit vs Unlit

OMG - you are right! I have seen this but never bothered looking into it,. Thank you, it has everything there to analyze!