What cpu and gpu should i get for my new laptop?


I am planning on buying a new laptop for so UE4 VR and non VR development but am not sure how to spec it for best performance and price!

I am currently looking at the new Razor Blade 15 and here are my options:

CPU - i7 8750H or i7 9750H
GPU - RTX 2070 MaxQ or RTX 2080 MaxQ

My main question is what would be the best configuration with these options for the price.
i7-8750H, RTX 2070 Max-Q, 16GB DDR4 = $2850 CAD
i7-8750H, RTX 2080 Max-Q, 16GB DDR4 = $3350 CAD
i7-9750H, RTX 2070 Max-Q, 16BG DDR4 = $3000 CAD
i7-9750H, RTX 2080 Max-Q, 16GB DDR4 = $3600 CAD

They are all an option but i couldn’t find anywhere if the 2080 MaxQ or 9750H where worth the massive price difference over the other ones?

Also if there are other laptop suggestion for unreal and maya those are welcome, I was just considering the Razor due to it’s verry high end build quality, fantastic trackpad and small form factor.


I don’t know exactly about laptops but I would recommend 32GB of Ram so you can work freely as for the processors check out the Ryzen they are so good and cheap compared to the Intel.