What content would you like to see on the learning portal?

First thing I’m looking for is how to set up a procedural material for a terrain I created from a heightmap. So far not to be found. Please don’t send me to the marketplace for pre-made assets that will become obsolete and unsupported as Unreal Engine progresses. You have nothing more that a YouTube video of a live demo? How do I use Megascans and Mixer, what is the procedure? What are templates and best practices? This is why I left Unity3D.

Tutorials on texture / material mapping techniques:

Proper UV mapping practices and basics
Normal map production basics and workflow examples
How to create roughness, height, AO, and other ‘specialty’ textures
How to scale, tile, and maintain materials to avoid skewing, bad projections, wrong lighting, etc (such as how to create a material so it doesn’t screw things up and is prepared to get applied to meshes / surfaces / effects)
Techniques or at least a bunch of tips for efficiently producing materials and textures

I would love to see a masterclass in Niagara/ real-time VFX, similar to the masterclasses in rendering and materials from Bjord de Jong. Those were excellent!

i would love to see a full tutorial about how to make “game animations” inside unreal without using any other 3d software like maya or others animation external program, a full tutorial like showing how to make a walk and maybe a idle animation or other animation at last 2 or 3 diferents then how to add then the animations library to be used for any character compatible with like the epic skeleton and retargets, it would be using the new unreal rig editor, but would be cool to see a full process of game animation using only unreal.

When to use which.
Which is faster?
What class BPies are a better choice for casting for example and what is better to call with functions.
What are the rules?
TY :slight_smile:

I would like to see in the learning portal: I’d like to learn how to make games like Starcraft and Minecraft.
Like one of those Dune games I used to play. Or a Sim City game

I need to learn how to make a MMO Game.
Such as how to make dedicated server programs and how the client search and connect to dedicated server.
And if a player is in map A but otherone is in map B,the servers map is which?what should we to do for resolve this question? And how to make a login system such as the server how to connect the SQL to search or write the players ID and password.

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for all these suggestions. Keep them coming. We do read them.

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Would really like to see a course specifically about setting up and using the gameplay ability system

How to create a water shader master material that can be utilized for different water uses. Not every possible water type / use. And how to set the properties so it’s compatible with the main ray tracing properties of the post process volume.

I think an updated series on vehicles, but with multiple wheel configurations.

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Well, I know I haven’t seen much of it recently, but, it would be cool to see more about Paper2D. Also, the people who say “Unreal is too powerful for sprite games”, I just think if someone is willing to use an engine it shouldn’t matter if it’s too powerful.

My other reason for wanting to use Unreal for sprite based games is that I’d like to use the same engine for all of my game development, to make it easier to upgrade, reuse code from other sprite based games to possibly convert to 3D. Also, learning only one game engine and one code language would make everything easier.

Hey, Kyle. You are definitely not alone wanting Unreal Online Learning content around Paper2D. Please stay tuned. Thanks for learning with us!

Advanced rendering and shader editing techniques. Especially as Raytracing features improve!

Learning is the best way to introduce the beginner to using UE4 and create their games, but it is very limited nowadays. The classes you have are simple and almost always do not help in the real scenario.

For example, there is only one course on Locomotion and anyone for advanced locomotion. Why? This is too basic and there is not in any UE4 learning. You all need to understand that have a great portal of all types of classes is what makes the tool accessible and powerful.

For example, a UI course should not be limited to one common example, but several cool examples. Don’t have a team to develop these videos? It’s Simple! just ask for contributors, persons that want to contribute and pass the rules that there will certainly be hundreds of very talented people to help. It is Serious, if UE4 thinks its Learning is good, they are sadly mistaken and what bothers me most is that it is very simple to make it truly and effectively perfect. From the moment that someone has to be hunting on Youtube for a tutorial to learn something that the engine does, it shows the lack of content in Learning. Please take this into account. If you need my help to build a perfect portal I will do it for free. It is time for UE4 to really take seriously what a learning portal is.

Think in pratical projects. When we have this lack of content in pratical and Online learning content this just dificult the spreading of UE4 as absolute Engine of games.

Two things are needed: Practical and varied examples. In practice there is only one practical and extremely limited example.

The examples are too basic.

Important: You have a lot of persons that will love to contribute with this knowlege map with projects and video tutorials. Use them. Just make a review and give some rules for that.

I’m studing UE4 for 3 years, with blueprints and C++. Almost learned from payed courses and youtube. For the power of UE4 this just doesnt make any sense. If you have a OnLine Learning that trully teach, UE4 in a little time will be unbeatable.

Many who are on Unity are only there for this problem, and the UE4 Engine is much more powerful and better. Everything is about how the tool is concerned with training and teaching.

@shark3ds exactly my thoughts, and the same conclusion unfortunately.

How to use root motion data to control movement component behaviour

An in depth look about how collision works in unreal and how traces work and especially what affects their cost (for example how is the cost affected by the number of actors in the level and how much of an impact have actors that are way out of the trace distance, e. g. on the other side of the level).

Something to learn scripting in blueprints:
Cards, memory game, et… (it was there, Epic just dont support it after releasing new version of engine).

Something for designers:
Project with level in different stage (greybox -> final level). Blueprints communications beetween level, blueprints and assets.

Blueprints communications bettween paw, anim tree, controller and another blueprints:
I think there was some guy with rope like mobile example. Again… no support…

sprite example… againt, its gone.

Something for learning overal structure:
Gameinfo, gamestate, player controller (pawn vs menu), etc…

Looks like much, but it isnt. Something like “Example content” in term of game example wold be great (one or two projects - one level simple, another folder content more complex leading to the to the basic gameplay mechanics). With support of course and documentation.
And supporting existing templates and extending them would be much better than having many free asset on the store (quality vs quantity).

ps: game examples wold be great. There is much content, that is not related to gamedevelopment (tech demo, visualisations, cutscenes…). But something related to making games would be nice again… but… with support and care please!!!