What constitutes as interactive media?

It says in the faq under “Are any revenue sources royalty-free?“ that “Non-interactive linear media, including movies, television shows, animated films, and cartoons distributed as video.” are royalty free.

My question is: does that also apply to things like an animated YouTube video series containing puzzles that viewers need to solve in order to progress the story? And does it depend on whether there’s a branching narrative or not?

Hoping to hear back from staff to be sure, and thanks in advance.

The “non-interactive linear media” language is given as an example of a type of “Unrestricted Product,” a term which more broadly includes any product that does not include Engine Code or Paid Content (in source format) and does not require the Licensed Technology to run.

UE Publishing EULA Section 5

However, no royalty
is owed on the following forms of
revenue: … 5. Revenue from an
Unrestricted Product, including for
clarity, revenue from a Product which
solely relies on the Licensed
Technology for production of
non-interactive linear media (e.g.,
broadcast or streamed video files,
cartoons, or movies) and which is
Distributed in a form that does not
contain the Licensed Technology or, in
order to deliver, rely on servers
running the Licensed Technology;

All Unrestricted Products are exempt from royalty obligations. So, assuming the “interactivity” of the YouTube video puzzles does not depend on UE, you would not incur royalty obligations for revenue generated from your example.