What changed on blueprint interfaces usage and how to fix it [Twin Stick Shooter]

Hi there,

I was following this tutorial

then I got stuck because it looks like since the 4.9 something changed with the blueprint interfaces functionalities and I can’t anymore like the interface with another class in the way explained in the video.

Reading at the comments and searching in the forum, I didn’t find any solution. There is a way to get the same effect without going to far from way explained in the video?

Thank you for your help.


P.S. I am using Unreal 4.10.4; the tutorial was supposed to work with it.

Nothing significant has changed for Interfaces since 4.9

What exactly is the issue you are having? More details on your exact problem will help us to identify the real issue here.


thanks for your answer.

I had a problem with my code, it looks like the new interface is read-only and the old one is not, that got me confused.

Sorry and thanks again :slight_smile: