What can i do when a blueprint class becomes too big ?

When my blueprint class becomes too big it takes a lot of time to compile it when i’m making changes and sometimes it even crashes while compiling .
A solution to this was to make a child blueprint and work on it, the problem is that i have to replaces all the references of that blueprint in the level .

So i tried to approach it an other way, i’v made about 3 blueprints ,1 parent of 2 parent of 3… and use the “3” blueprint in the scene and while editing the “1” blueprint .
The problem with this one is that when ever i compile the blueprint i work on ( “1” - parent of all ) . it takes a lot of time to compile ether, because this blueprint affect a lot of children blueprints .

If there was a way to make a new child while needed and replace all of the parentblueprint instances with that new child, that would be great !
Is there any way to do this ?