What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Fight test of our RTS game called Edge of Chaos, featuring a custom pathfinding and movement system. It is very WIP

Withstand: Survival

Made separate UE4 Forum thread for it :slight_smile:

Did this one for Polycount’s environment challenge recently. I wanted to test out my new RTX and light the scene with all dynamic lights. I wanted to do more with particle effects, but unfortunately the Particle Effects samples work with realtime raytracing enabled.

Did this one recently for Polycount’s environment art challenge. I wanted to test out my RTX card with the realtime raytracing, so this scene is lit with just dynamic lights. I wanted to add somne fire and smoke effects, but unfortunately the free particle effects sampes from Epic doesn’t seem to show up with realtime raytracing enabled.

Fall of Civilization
A solo project I have been working on for years.
Turn based isometric strategy game set in a post apocalyptic future.

Sadly the project fell into the side-line when full-time work understandably took up the majority of my time but I’m getting back into the groove and pushing to get it done!
Any and all support is appreciated.

New Brace ability for the game Simulacrum. Find out more here!


Hi! It’s my first time that I publish in this forum thread.

As a Technical Artist specialized in Unreal Engine and real-time graphics, I wanted to make a technical demo about a single photorealistic sequence of a Corvette car made in Unreal Engine 4 using raytracing with an Nvidia RTX 2080 TI card.

I have done the car model in Blender 2.8 and the num of tris is about 4.245.000.
The models of the plants and debris are from Quixel Megascans.

THANK YOU for the awesome game engine and all the tools you provide.

I hope the result is good enough to show it in the weekly spotlight! :smiley:


Here is my Superman and beyond post
video link

and Artstation post

Working on lights and shadows

Game: Glory of Portugal: Fortresses of Brazil
Work in Progress topic page:
Fort name: Fortaleza de Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim
Location: Florianópolis city, Santa Catarina state, Brazil
The screenshot is from the fort’s Portal

I have worked on a game inspired by games like “Mini Metro” and “Railroad Tycoon”. The game is called “UFO Airlines”. You can try an early access version of the game here Game Jolt - Games for the love of it


This is a prototype for a surfing game I’ve been working on while learning how to do blueprint development in unreal engine

I am releasing a prototype build on for people to try. I would be grateful for feedback on gameplay and controls, all art assets are placeholders right now and will be replaced further down the road.

AR game test
Real shadow,spell,Creature


I’m working on a simple story telling system but yet one that can share emotion and thrill.


(video is a bit out of date)
i am working on a fully coop mission based fps.
testing ends next week and then early access(too soon but i need to try and take advantage of the record number or users online)

The possibility of winning a Better CPU in the pavlov map competition sparked me off making some maps.
Most likely wont be able to enter due to not having enough time to finish now :frowning:
But I thought others might gain some pleasure from seeing what I am working on and testing my environment building skills.


I completed this customization character creator marketplace pack 2 weeks ago, let me know what you think.…ters-01-casual

2 environment projects I’m working on

How did you set this real shadow and what version of unreal are you using? I’ve tried everything and I can’t set a real shadow like this one you did. Thank you for helping me out.

Two new videos, and the latest patch notes of the pre-alpha client have leaked online. **EPICA Patch Notes 0.1.6…h-notes-0-1-6/ **