What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Hello, nice to see you here, and your project, of course! :wink:

Making stuff where things sleep

Hi, I started with the unreal engine last month, I already have experience with other engines, now I working on a Costum Map for Robo Recall.

Hi, i working on a custom map for Robo Recall.


working on a space game called NullSpace, let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

Hello! Nice to see another flying / action / sci-fi project :slight_smile:

Working on a VR Predator project just for fun. So far I have the cloaking, thermal vision and wrist-blades working.

Hey everyone!
I’m working on Outrunish/Endless runner VR race game.
Now i’m on visual tests. All assets will change.


Been adding features to the combat in my game

and started work on the next arena :slight_smile: super early blockout.

Started teasing and announced the first game we’re working on.
Called 103.

More information on our twitter and website

Gangnam Style :eek:

Still working on my first person bomberman game called Hide and Go Boom

2170 | environment teaser 2

flocking birds (blue dots on the screen) the lighting is dark so it’s super tough to see. A first attempt with no rigging just two static meshes.

Also : an imp pouncing mob and telekinesis ability and whip wand. Still haven’t animated a run cycle…

On going development of the First Person Shooter Metalshockgame:

METALSHOCK game is a cinematic story driven Doom style first person shooter.


hey all here’s a quick mood inspired by readyplayerone oasis game, it’s shaped from soul city assets, check my artstation for more pics :slight_smile:

Latest model, rendered in keyshot…