What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Puzzle game I showed a while back, slowly learning the art of materials in Unreal Engine 4, but still struggling with a strange (known) rounding error when the pieces are spawned, (i.e should move 50 units down in Z but moves 49.99999 and therefore doesn’t sit correctly. Everything was created in blueprints and a 2 player has sort of been created.

And a very basic scene created in about 20mins for a friend who wanted to mess around in a recreation of The Matrix Online, again all in blueprints from the 3rd Person Template. Features camera zoom/rotate and most of the other MMO style controls.

Some Impressions of my first ever UE4 Game ‘Bombmania’. It will be a ‘Free - For -All’ Shooter Game. WIP, Early Stage Map Layout


another scene from Adventure-X

The Lantern. It will light your way but it will not protect you!


Leaderboards finally work


Been tuning how the driver of a vehicle is dispatched when said vehicle bursts into flames.


Edit: Here is a gif, too!

That’s looking really good, could use that in a section of my project

A simple fur material I made last night.

Winter trees with snow buildup…


Playing with abstract forms/lighting

I remake the test chamber 00 from portal 1.




this is the original, to compare.


Omg thats so cool :3 portal <3

I am very impressed with your fur. This would be an asset I would pay $$ for in the marketplace.

My ressent project Learn 4forever

Same here. I really want a fur material like that.

Thanks!! You’d only be disappointed if you were to buy it, it looks good from afar but is no where near production quality. If I remember, when I get home from work I’ll post up the material set-up and you’ll see just how simple and easy it is to do by yourself.


Me thinks tessellation?

Exactly, I achieved this by enabling tessellation, multiplying a ‘VertexNormalWS’ node by a noise texture (multiplied by a constant [fur length]) and feeding it into the world displacement input…a simple set-up. I’m keen to try out the Neo-Fur plug-in which uses the shells and fins technique (as far as I know) and can be used on multiple platforms even mobile apparently…

So to summarise:

Tessellation = true;
VertexNormalWS * (noise*x) -> world displacement input (where ‘x’ is a constant)

My remake of classic doom coming soon