What are these strange messages that pops up sometimes

A few weeks ago when i exited Rocket i got the below message.


Then a few days ago when i was saving my map i got another similar message:


So far it doesnt seem to cause any issues or anything. But not sure what they mean.

It is harmless but it shouldn’t show up. If you can give me some steps to reproduce it I will take a look.

This is completely random and am unable to reproduce this. One thing i can say is it only happen in Beta6. Never saw this on previous builds. Yesterday also i got this message when exiting Rocket.

The Transbuffer is part of the transaction tracking system which manages the undo and redo buffer. In this case, the transbuffer isn’t empty and still has a reference to a transaction record of some description (ActiveCount 1). I couldn’t tell you why that’s the case though!

Given that you’re exiting the application, the message is likely entirely harmless :slight_smile: