What are the UE terms i need to search for on the forum

(The title should be : What should I search on the web <— I am too excited about my ideas and I have failed when I wrote it)


I am new pretty new on Unreal Engine and first I guess that I should introduce myself. My name is Andrei Cornea, I am a 3D graphic designer/modeler with a couple of years of experience. I have worked for several companies which made some games for mobile platforms and since I got the skills to create my own content, I thought that I should give a try and make my own game :slight_smile:

Usually, I like to find the solution to my problems on my own but since UE is something new to me, I am not familiar with the terms, so basically I don’t know what to search. I have asked someone if its possible to create a mobile game using unreal engine and avoid coding ( coding is like chinesse to me) and he said YES . Anyway, I wouldn’t mind to hire someone from time to time if needed.

Honestly, I don’t want to be a pain in the *** so if you don’t have enough time to answer, just by telling me what to search on the web, will be enough . I could simply ask on Facebook, but posting these questions here, I guess that will be helpful for other which are in the same situation as me

My first questions are these :

  1. Drawcalls
    I have done some “homework” and I have found out what drawcalls are
    1 object with one texture(1 map) = 1 drawcall
    1 object with 1 texture (4 maps)= 4 drawcalls
    BUT 2 objects which shares the same texture with 4 maps , how many drawcalls will be ? if the texture will repeat on several meshes, how will be counted ?

Display system , grouped objects.

I will create my own models excusively for this game so , I was thinking that when I will make the buildings, instead of make each building separately, I was thinking to make several buildings at once, attach as a single mesh, which will share the same texture (with 3 maps) . See the next image for an example :

Lets assume that I will use those attached buildings and it will be a big object, how will it be displayed when it comes to performance ? will it be “calculated” entirely or only the visible part ? I mean, If some of the buildings (from the same mesh, which bassicaly is the same model) will be hidden by something else, will it be calculated as displayed ? If you didn;t understood what I wanted to say, please look at the next image (same colors = same object) :

Draw calls for mobile games

  1. Loading time
    If I will apply the same texture on multiple object, it only need to load once, right ? Same thing for the cloned models/meshes

  1. About the game, what to search on the web , what terms (as I have said if needed I will hire a coder)
    3.1. What I will make, its a kind of racing game which will have a freeroam mode , a garage where you will tune your car (bumpers, spoilers, rims, skirts, accesoriers, etc), so , it is possible this on a mobile device ?
    3.2. I would like to have a menu when I press a button which will give the user the posibility to jump directly to garage and then the user will see the garage where he will have the options and stuffs (just tell me what to search on the web, I don’t want to be a pain in the ***)
    3.3. About LODs. Does UE have an automatic LOD system or I need to create several versions of a model
    3.4 I will also like to give the user the opportunity to apply decals on the car, it is possible to apply something like this without changing the UVW ? To apply it directly on the current texture ?

PS : I am also a tutorial writer in 3D graphics domain so, If someone need some help when it comes to modeling, I will be glad to help him/her. I can also leave a link to my website but I don’t want to be considered as spam, so if someone wanna take a look, I will send a PM :slight_smile:

Unreal is meant to be very next gen for mobiles.
I think drawcalls really do not matter much even for mobiles (that are unreal engine target).
Yes unreal has automatic LOD system, it works quite well.

What i found for mobile performance most that matters is lighting (there are great topics here about how to fake lighting for mobiles), and second is shaders esp. transparent surfaces (use additive whatever possible instead of transparent).
I found out that adding little bit of 3d geometry instead of normal maps improves performance on mobile devices.

But all that above may be incorrect if you plan to release on tegra k1 or iphone 6 and up, those do not care about shaders or transparent surfaces that much.

There are old Hourences tutorial done for UT3 and UDK, they should be right on spot for current mobile devices, so google for “hourences” “unreal mesh”, but i bet you know all this already.

You said that I should not be worried about drawcalls. How’s that ? I am very worried about optimization and I would like to make everything perfect. I will post soon the first images with the assets :slight_smile: . Do you think that 8000 polygons/tris per car should be ok ? Until now, my clients asked me to make a model with a specific polycount. They used Unity but 8000 poligons will be enough for UE ?