What are the size limitations of textures?

I have a character that was used for my previous work that was rendered in mental ray. I wanted to bring said character into UE4, but was curious as to which maps should should I bring in and at what size?

I normally use 4k maps, but was told that it was too big for game engines. The character is also divided in to several pieces, Hair, face, armour, boots, satchels, etc. Should these be merged before using them in UE4?

Thanks for the reply in advance.

Hi Willtron,

The maximal texture resolution is indeed 4K - you can read more about it here: Textures in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

With some source modification, you can bring that up to 8K - at that point, it all depends on the hardware if it can handle it. Performance-wise, 4K does take a toll but shouldn’t be too bad.

I’m not sure about the character, though - when it comes to textures I find it easier to have them all as separate assets, but if you’re referring to the model I’m afraid someone else will have to answer that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a ton. It’s my first time using a game engine, so I was hesitant on using 4k textures.