What are potential consequences to scaling a Skeletal Mesh?

I have a model prepared and imported, and it wasn’t until everything was done that I realized I messed up the scale. Unreal Engine allows me to scale a Skeletal Mesh rather easily - however, I am wondering if there is any cost or potential problems bound to happen if I take this route. For instance, are animations scaled down relative to the skeleton scale as well? Are there potential horrifying issues when importing new animations, morphers, etc. Any heads up warning is greatly appreciated.


I remember resizing my skeletal mesh in my first UE4 project ever. It totally screwed up the camera as far as I remember (and it screwed it REAL bad). Now my character mesh is loaded inside my Maya template so that none of my models are too big or too small once inside the engine, it saves me lots of trouble. :stuck_out_tongue: If your character is too big or too small inside the engine and you’re not using a modeling software you should resize the static meshes instead of resizing the skeletal mesh.

Worth noting, I do use a software package (3ds max), however, all I am trying to avoid is some weird bone scaling or somehow destroying things like my morphers and skin weights as I attempt to freeze my transforms. Just to be clear, scaling the root bone in 3ds max should NOT be enough correct? In theory, I would assume since the mesh’s transforms are not frozen, I might encounter weird scaling issues upon importing, or perhaps pivoting problems.