What are LookUpRate and TurnRate in Paragon Character Blueprints? What keys should I assign them? (I just started out on UE4 sorry if it's silly question)

I was able to give InputAxis to all the required Parameters that were missing Character Blueprint of Paragon Yin but couldn’t understand what keys to assign to LookUpRate and TurnRate. Also if you give me a little bit of info on why they are used besides the X and Y values of Mouse, that would be really helpful. Thanks.

The LookUpRate and TurnRate are mapped to the X and Y values of the mouse. Inside project settings → input, add two new axis values, one named LookUpRate, and another named TurnRate, then map them to the X and Y mouse. It just allows for more mappings to be added to the same input axis event, so for instance you could add gamepad support for LookUpRate and TurnRate as well as mouse.