What are "DirectX 12 Features for Xbox One"?

this is just a little question because iam curious, what does (or can) DX12 do on Xbox One?
Background is, that the latest FF XV demo showed a better framepacing on XB than PS4, my suggestion (or rather question) was if it was possible, they use DX12 features on XB? SE have shown footage of DX12 in their engine and most of DX12 is too smooth framerate and spread the load (no pun intended)…or so it seems. But then there is the argument that consoles allow “to the metal” coding anyway, so DX12 wouldn’t be necessary…so what exactly can DX12 bring to XB?

Well I have my opinion as to what DX12 represents but I think I’ll keep it to myself as most of my comments would be auto filtered. :wink: