What are all the differences between the New Project Categories?

Hello there.

Recently I’ve noticed that the Archvis template under “Architecture, Engineering, and Construction” category comes with a sharpen filter or something. I’ve spend a good time looking for the source of that effect. Nothing different in the PPV parameters or in Project Settings. In the end I’ve found out it’s a new r.tonemapper.sharpen parameter that can be activated or deactivated via console.

But that makes me wonder if there are more differences between those new templates that are not exposed anywhere. And if I’m going to have trouble in the future when migrating content between different projects created with different templates.

I can’t find any documentation about those templates. Does anyone have any info about it?

I am also looking for documentation regarding the “Architecture, Engineering, and Construction” template. Does this exist somewhere? I’m curious about the SunSky sequence that is set up and what else might be special to this template.