What am I doing wrong?

I would like what when my object is hit by the MyProjectile, it spawns sparks in the hit location. But it doesn’t appear. Can you help me? (Sorry for google translator english)

Could you post a screenshot of your setup? :slight_smile:

Here is how it should look like (projectile bp)

try moving the destroy actor after apply damage.

Thanks, but I’m the blueprint of the affected object. And I want only if the object is achieved by MyProjectile he release sparks, after all, if not so, you just touch him, would go out sparks. And if I were to MyProjectile blueprint, I would have to filter the same way: for it only spawn sparks when touching that object. But thanks for replying!

sorry im just having a hard time trying to understand :frowning: but try to untick autodestroy and see what hapens

Well, I want that when the MyProjectile hit MyTarget, it spawns sparks at the hit location. In the Target blueprint, I did it:

But for some reason it doesn’t works.

(Sorry for google translator english, I’m brazilian :p)

This works, but isn’t a good way to do it. The projectile should spawn the emitter, not the target.

Perhaps it is appearing inside the target. Pressing F1 to go into wireframe mode, and try to see if that is the case.

I think what is happening is that he is checking for an actor using == but actors are unique instances in the level so comparing them always returns false, what he should be doing is checking for the actors class by casting.

Thanks for everyone and thanks, nabiul!
It works now!!

Yeah, you are right, nabiul. You are also right about the who should be emitting who. :wink:
I suggested the wireframe mode, because in the past, I had situations, where my spawned actors, were appearing inside the other actors.