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The ‘old Epic’ used to offer working Projects and Templates to learn from (UDK).
The ‘new Epic’ appears to favor video tutorials, as if its the answer to everything.
But there are so many edge-cases where tutorials simply can’t and don’t deliver.
Epic SHOULD PROVIDE substantial working projects tied to UOL tutorials imo.:wink:

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I agree with this. Project based courses are one of our priorities for the year. There are 2 things we see that are needed.

  1. Project based courses, as you mentioned. This are in the works and prioritized.
  2. Shorter “top of the waves” courses that are easily consumable “anywhere”. These are @20 minutes an cover very specific topics. They can be consumed in a short amount of time, and potentially anywhere (meaning they aren’t necessarily hands-on/follow long, but could be)

Of course, there are more than just these two, I’ll be putting together a larger post about what we are doing in 2020 soon.




Great to hear Chris… As regards ‘project-based’, can you say a little more about that? To the community, Projects that show off gameplay elements as well as theory are super helpful. That way you learn the engine, while also learning gameplay elements / mechanics / techniques - all in one go at the same time. Think project examples with a mini-character / mini-level along with some gameplay samples. has many examples of this, or perhaps this learning project from Epic when its released???

Launcher-type ‘Content Example’ projects are popular too as well, but they’re also limited. :wink: BTW: The reason for asking is that UOL Learning is heavy going at times (lots of theory). So being able to immediately apply that knowledge practically to gameplay ideas, helps break up the learning - while also helping to lock-it-in (cement it). :cool: Cheers!

Yes, what you have described is along the lines of what we are thinking… we are also doing a behind the scenes recategorization of all existing material to help us find gaps and plan new material. So its not going to happen tomorrow, but its a priority.


Learning is the best way to introduce the beginner to using UE4 and create their games, but it is very limited nowadays. The classes you have are simple and almost always do not help in the real scenario.

For example, there is only one course on Locomotion and anyone for advanced locomotion. Why? This is too basic and there is not in any UE4 learning. You all need to understand that have a great portal of all types of classes is what makes the tool accessible and powerful.

For example, a UI course should not be limited to one common example, but several cool examples. Don’t have a team to develop these videos? It’s Simple! just ask for contributors, persons that want to contribute and pass the rules that there will certainly be hundreds of very talented people to help. It is Serious, if UE4 thinks its Learning is good, they are sadly mistaken and what bothers me most is that it is very simple to make it truly and effectively perfect. From the moment that someone has to be hunting on Youtube for a tutorial to learn something that the engine does, it shows the lack of content in Learning. Please take this into account. If you need my help to build a perfect portal I will do it for free. It is time for UE4 to really take seriously what a learning portal is.

Think in pratical projects. When we have this lack of content in pratical and Online learning content this just dificult the spreading of UE4 as absolute Engine of games.

Two things are needed: Practical and varied examples. In practice there is only one practical and extremely limited example.

The examples are too basic.

Important: You have a lot of persons that will love to contribute with this knowlege map with projects and video tutorials. Use them. Just make a review and give some rules for that.

I’m studing UE4 for 3 years, with blueprints and C++. Almost learned from payed courses and youtube. For the power of UE4 this just doesnt make any sense. If you have a OnLine Learning that trully teach, UE4 in a little time will be unbeatable.

Many who are on Unity are only there for this problem, and the UE4 Engine is much more powerful and better. Everything is about how the tool is concerned with training and teaching.

UE TEAM, PLEASE READ ALL ANSWERS! Thank You.](Build dedicated server with only blueprints - UE4 AnswerHub)
I post this in Answerhub & General Discussionbut no one helps there, I hope to get someone here.

I want to build Dedicated Server
Using my IP, No 3rd parties, No assets, Create Sessions (Host, Join and Quit).
*Play with Friends wherever they live, or testing for Developers wherever they live.
I come cross some of youtubers, they are missing alot of explanations.
1-They fix the problems they make in the video without showing us HOW.
2-They got a way to do them steps but with recent UE that way is not available anymore you need to do it from other way.
3-Using 3rd parties like amazon, steam or others, on each 3rd parties you will get tons of errors, issues and problems.
3A - Like amazon first bad thing you can’t get sms code from them, I’m trying to get sms from 2019 and now we are in 2021.
3B - Steam, its not gonna work if your friend live in other side of the world.
3C - Other 3rd parties with other bugs and error.
I don’t want 3rd Parties, ME & UE only.
Please if you know any Qualified Presenter got a video send it here.

I found this one 21/2/2021: How To Make A Dedicated Server - Unreal Engine 4.25 - YouTube
but on 10:45 how did he got folder \Win64 ??
if I will package new project I will get this folder, but when I’m following all his steps I don’t get the Win64 folder.
I repeat everything 3 times, still cant get the Win64 folder.
what did I miss or what did he forget to tell?

I found 2nd one 22/2/2021:
1- How to create online games #1, build listen server / Unreal Engine 4 tutorial series - YouTube
14:37; He don’t have character, but I still got my character.

2-How to create online games #2, compilation dedicated server / Unreal Engine 4 tutorial series - YouTube
13:01; I cant find UE4Editor.exe, I download Source Code from so if I’ll download from his url that will cost me
monthly payment for him 50$ on patreon. Finally I got UE4Editor.exe on 3rd build.
18:38; His game started stright away, but my game can not, start a window of unreal engine and freeze for 30 minutes, then my project open and start compiling 5k shaders.
24:25; He wait 7 minutes, but in my project it’s just 1 minute and 35 Seconds.
27:29; He got File Modification Detected Box in VS, But I dont get anything.
29:13; He compiled it within 10 minutes maybe, but mine take 2 hours and 48 minutes.
32:05; He do not get any errors, but I got this error [0]LogStreaming: Error: Could not find outer RobotoDistanceField to create RobotoDistanceField_PageA.

Today I tried 3 other youtubers 23/2/2021, unbelievable!! doesn’t work at all.

Please Please HELP !!!

I cant start my game if I don’t have Dedicated Server, you know that right! need to test a lot of things, replications and a lot of other things.
Its like cooking, you can’t cook your food without a pot, if I have the ingredients, need a pot <Dedicated Server> to start cooking.

Superman, Batman, Captain America, Super Girl, Big Momma; someone seriously help me!!