Weird Texture Anomaly on HUD

I have a weird one … basically my textures on my HUD seem to have some weird background to them … almost like a shadow. These are standard TGA files with an Alpha Channel and they appear normal on the GUI designer.

But in the game they look like this.

I am not sure what is going on here. I am running UE 4.9.2 with a new project from scratch that I am working on. Help … please … 8-{

So the weirdness continues, if I add it as a Widget to a HUD and render it like that, it gives me the weird shadow thing, but if I render them through a draw texture … the problem goes away.

John Alcatraz gave me the answer.

@qdelpeche: create a material and add to material to UMG
and make sure that material domain is UI

The image renders properly now.

Okay so this issue was entirely my stupidity and I will hereby wear the cone of shame for the day.

I had mistakenly placed my custom DrawHUD function to “Event Receive Draw HUD”, which is a tick event, instead of an “Event Begin Play”. So the engine was rendering multiple copies of the HUD on top of each other every tick … talk about an Frames Per Second killer.

The solution was to set it up correctly …

… oh look, it now renders properly (the bottom left is the correct image) …

Thanks to @john_alcatraz, @victorb, @mattheww on the Unreal Slack Chat for helping me to troubleshoot this problem. Thanks guys. 8-}