Weird sun effect?

This is what my sun currently looks like. I’m using the Vive and this started happening after switching to the Forward Renderer.

Basically what’s happening is that whenever you look at the sun, the godrays seems to be moving away from wherever you look.

I have AtmosphericFog, ExponentialHeightFog, a BP_Sky_Sphere and a SkyLight. I’ve tried turning them each off but the same effect still happens.

Any ideas of what might be the solution to this?

Looks like light shafts which are a post processing effect. I am not sure if they are expected to work in VR or not, but its quite likely they receive little to no testing in VR because most people will turn off expensive post processing like light shafts as the first thing to disable to get performance back. Generally post processing is one of the most expensive things you can do in VR so it is best to keep it to a minimum.

Check here to disable.