weird shading breakup on modular ceiling?

For my office scene i have created a modular ceiling, like you see in most offices.
I got sections with 1 tile but also 2x4 8x8 1x4 ect. so i can place indented details in there later down the line.

However after baking the scene i noticed that it doesn’t seem to blend the lighting well from one mesh to another.

notice how the brightness jumps from one mesh to its neighboring mesh.

Hi MissStabby,

Take a look at this thread for multiple things to setup and try to get rid of the seams you’re seeing.

There is a lot of information in there but it will help you get rid of the seams.

Some of the things that post will cover:

  • Why this happens and how to avoid it
  • setting up propper Lightmaps
  • adjusting settings in Lightmass to smooth the result between modular assets

This should help you get the results you’re looking for.

Feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck. :slight_smile:


If that modular assets mesh collection is used only for horizontal or close to horizontal surfaces. You can use world UV mapping material instead of mesh uv mapped.

Few years back (in ut3) i had problem with seams. Because of my normalmap texture and shiny metal material, when i rotated/morriored mesh light was reflected in bit different way (due to flipped/rotated normal map), that created subtle seams that were visible only on shiny materials. Again this was solved with world coordinate mapped material.

Also check those light uv map seams.

Thanks for the help, i’m gonna look into it! :smiley: