Weird refraction artifacts ,need help asap

Theres a grid like lines i cannot get rid of them i tried everything does anyone have any idea ive googled a bit seems to be a refraction problem with how unreal renders normals with translucent material ,ive also atached a video link to streamable


what is the material setup? can a picture of the graph be posted? It could be a refraction issue, yet it appears it could also be a scene rendering problem based on material setup.

it is a refraction issue tho i have found out its unresolvable had to convince clients to change the look of the water ,i have found out if you make the fresnel too strong it will most definetly show those 9 lines and they will change according to the perspective of the screen ,the graph is just a simple refraction setup with 2 scalars and fresnel exponent routed to refraction and material set to translucent

that’s really weird…definitely a bug / problem which needs fixing