Weird random crashes

Does anybody had weird random crashes with 4.4.3? I’m dealing with box geometries and lights and had a lot of crashes for no reason at all… Just selecting a light the editor crashes… them I’m need to delete the light or anytime I’m select this light the editor close…

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Hey Maico,

Can you find a series of steps that can consistently cause a crash? That would help us narrow down the cause.

In my case, I’m blocking out a level with geometry. I add box, additive or subtractive… and in some point I put a box on the level and select it to change some proprieties and the editor crash… same thing happening with lights…
I’ll try to make another level to see if this map has some bug. And if the problem persist I’ll upload the project and post the link here.
Thanks Jonathan

Cool, let me know what you find.

Hi Jonathan!
I’m testing again and the problem persist here. It’s not a matter of life and death if you don’t discover what’s happening, but just in case is a bug on the engine.
I’ve uploaded the project here Archiviz

Try to add or modify the exist geometry or lights and see if the editor crashes. If you select in the scene outliner nothing is happening.

Thanks for the contact!

It seems like that wasn’t the whole project - there was no .uproject file and some missing dependencies (which made the level crash immediately when run, even after importing into another level).

Try this one. Complete project now… I hope… :slight_smile:

Not the full project again! :frowning:

To be clear, you should go to:
C:\Users[USER NAME]\Documents\Unreal Projects\ProjectB
And zip up that whole folder and send it to me. To make sure that’s right, look inside the folder for a file called ProjectB.uproject . If you only see a .umap file, then that’s not the whole project.

I’m sorry Jonathan, wrong link… :frowning:
Here’s is the rigth one.


That’s the whole project, but I’m not seeing any crashes by clicking on/moving the lights or geometry in 4.4.3. That means the problem must be on your end.

I’d recommend reinstalling 4.4.3, because a corrupt installation could be the cause here. Trying the newly-released 4.5 could get you past this issue too.

If that doesn’t help, then please send me your dmp and crash files, as explained in this thread.

Hi Jonathan, thanks again for the patience and for the will to resolve the question. I’m manage to reduce the error a lot by deleting one cylinder substract brush that I had in the scene (I don’t know why I’m put it there eheh) I’m pretty shure that errors is random, but again, I’m report here just to prevent some error in the engine. Thanks for the good work with UE4! We really apreciate all yours efforts!

If it’s the subtractive cylinder brush that forms one of the windows, I’m not seeing a crash on delete, even after 30+ deletes.

Since I can’t reproduce it, I think you’ll need to follow the steps in my last post. If you can’t fix it on your end (by reinstalling 4.4.3, trying 4.5, or Verifying the engine in the launcher), then just send me your dmp and crash logs so I can report the crash internally.

Hi Maico G,

We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will offer further assistance.

Thank you.