Weird issues with LODs and textures

Got my LODs setup, but having weird issues. Not sure what’s going on. Looks like either normal map disappears from lower LODs (which is weird as LODs use same material as base) or something else.




Has anyone had same kind of issue? If so, what was it and how did you fix it ?


P.S. In Blender, with interactive preview, all LODs look about the same, without these artifacts

No one?!? :frowning:

Does the LOD1 have a UV map the matches the LOD0?

Yep, it sure does.

Does it look like this in the world, or is it just in the mesh viewport? it looks to me like you’re just having issues with the default lighting in the mesh editor window.

Hard to say. I have low sun light (dawn/dusk) in the scene, so it has a lot of shadows. It doesn’t look as bad though in the scene, I don’t think it does. I might tweak lighting just to see if that’s the case.